Our Services

Avalon Tree Services is proud to serve Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas with a full range of tree service, including the items outlined below:

  • Tree Removal

    Avalon Tree Services is equipped to handle your trees in a safe, efficient manner, when a tree has reach the end of its life & removal is necessary.

  • Tree Trimming

    We suggest 10 feet of vertical clearance from your roof. Also, no branch should be touching the side of your home or business.

  • Storm Damage

    Trees are hardy, but even the toughest are affected by powerful storms. Trees can lose healthy leaves and whole branches to strong winds.

  • Stump Grinding

    The purpose of stump grinding is preventing regrowth, so proper technique is vital. To ensure we have not missed any of the stump’s removal, ATS’ crew will clean up all our grindings.

  • Emergency Service

    Emergency tree situations can arise due to severe storms, high winds, or other unforeseen events. Quick action is crucial to mitigate these hazards and restore normalcy to your environment.

  • Lawn Care

    We approach your lawn care holistically and with the same care and expertise, you have come to expect from all of our professionals.


Considerations In Estimating The Costs Associated With Tree Trimming / Removals

There are many factors that affect tree pruning costs. At Avalon Tree Services, we do not estimate costs until a certified arborist personally looks at the tree. We want to understand what your objectives are, and itemize each individual cost so you understand exactly what will be done and how much each item costs. Some items we assess when building a proposal include:

  1. Tree Size
  2. Tree Location
  3. Equipment Accessibility