Inspection / Consultation

Avalon Tree Services is proud to serve Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas with a full range of inspection & consultation services.

  • Inspection / Diagnosis

    Trees can’t tell us what is wrong with them. It takes training and experience to recognize the underlying causes of damage and decline. Sometimes an inspection may involve further testing such laboratory reports, aerial assessment, or root excavation. We will do what’s necessary to ensure your tree is properly inspected and diagnosed.

  • Tree Preservation Report

    A report detailing how to best preserve your trees. Tree Preservation Reports are valuable tools in preventing damage and decline due to construction, pests, or any other cause which may threaten your tree.

  • Tree Decay Measurement

    Tree defects such as cracks and decay are detected and measured using a sonic wave device. The device helps us to calculate wood density which in turn will give you an idea of the extent and likelihood of tree defects.

  • Tree Risk Assessment

    A systematic evaluation of your tree for health, structural stability, and hazardous conditions. Trees will receive a risk category and detailed report along with any recommended measures for hazard mitigation.

  • Dead Wooding

    The removal of dead limbs from a tree. We recommend removal of any dead limb that is 2-3″ and larger at the base as well as broken or hanging limbs in the tree.

  • Felling

    Want to do the clean up yourself? We are able to safely get a tree on the ground or fall the tree from the base if possible.

  • Appraisals

    In cases where damage occurs or trees must be removed it may be necessary to place a value on the tree. We will work with the insurance company or attorney to provide an accurate appraisal.